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I felt like we were two lovers after making love, lying in bed stroking and looking into the eyes. Michael kissed my face and hand stroking my face, and I kissed her neck. I believe absolutely that kissing the neck of a man is so intimate and so sexy, and I was shaking and I can swear by God that he, too. And that’s when I turned mad and tried to kiss him on the mouth and no matter what you want to believe it or not, we actually kissed. I kissed her lips in surprise and he graciously first tried to take me away, but I stroked him and looked into his eyes with tears and he looked at me and then responded to my kiss with so much love.

He took my lower lip with his mouth and put a bit with his teeth, then releasing it stayed like that for a few seconds, word of mouth and whispered “I love you Michael” and then he put his mouth to my ear and he said, “I love you more”, but he emphasized the word you, as if he really meant was that for me personally, as he really had this feeling for me, not only was saying as a cliche.” 

-  History of the Argentine fan that kissed MJ


(Source: stayonfloor)

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